Build Process

Dream It

First step for any homeowner looking to build is to know as much as you can about the features you want in your new home. You can choose to customize from our gallery of plans or we can get our architect to design one for you based on your needs.

From there begins the discovery process for the builder. We will look at potential lots, plans and start our permitting due diligence.

Build It

Construction begins once the city or county issues our building permit. Once we have permit we go through the construction process that includes the site prep, structural phase, mechanical phase and last the finishes stage.​

Elevated Custom Homes has full transparency with our clients through all of our phases. Our transparency makes it so the client can see all the different steps that go into their new home build

Love It

At the core of all of our builds is our design DNA. Our clients are building their DREAM home and that means they deserve to get as much of their wishlist fulfilled as possible. We help you turn your house into a loving home for you and your loved ones.

As part of our process we work with our clients and our interior design group to provide a detailed design package where the client can pick and choose the things they want in their home.